Gift Packing

For many years, Universal have been working with companies to pack Gift Packs of all shapes and sizes for retailers. 
While these are typically available all year round, these types of products are most popular during holiday seasons, especially around Christmas time.

Gift packs are an excellent way of providing consumers with a more special product and boosting sales in a cost-effective manner. A well-designed Gift Pack can be an extremely high selling product, so we aim to provide our customers with beautifully made and well-packed gifts to send to retailers. We can even help with the design of a Gift Pack if requested.

Why use Gift Packing?

  • Sell your products in a unique and eye-catching way that is easy and cost-effective. 
  • Have a product on shelves that appeals to the buying habits of consumers during the holiday seasons.
  • Consolidate different products into a single SKU for a more efficient retail presence. 
  • Provide your own packaging or allow us to help you with product design from step one.
  • Keep you stock safe with packaging designed to be sturdy and safe.  

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